Some of our recent projects...

One of our recent projects has been the design and development of a new website for a new pet sitting business in Baldwinsville, NY. We've built a simple, attractive, and inexpensive site for "B-Ville Buddies Pet Sitting"


So who is "we"?

The owner of EZ-Insites, and its primary web developer, is Jared Harrison.  Jared lives and works in Elmira, New York in the beautiful Fingerlakes Region of New York State.

Jared began building websites about 9 years ago, after spending over 26 years as a business and management consultant.  Jared uses his unique background and his specialized consulting skills to bring tremendous insight and value to his web development clients and customers.

Today, Jared uses a wide range of web development tools and technologies to build attractive and functional websites for his clients.  Jared supplements his own skills with graphic design and site development and programming expertise through a network of other specialists from within the local community and around the world.

Give Jared a call, for additional information. 607 731-1565..

It all begins with understanding...

We will begin by getting together with you to learn about your business and understand your requirements and expectations for the design and development of a new website.  The first consultation will be scheduled at your convenience and, of course, will be undertaken with no cost or obligation.  

We will review any business plans, information and materials you wish to share with us.   We will also review the content and status of any existing website you might have.  We will take this opportunity to present you with an overview of our capabilities (and our limitations) and share with you examples of our work.

Should we mutually decide to proceed with a website development project, we will present you with a written proposal for site development, which will include our anticipated cost estimates, an overview of the work to be undertaken, a general timeline for the overall project and a review of expectations and obligations to ensure an effective working relationship.

Once we have a "go" for the project, we will spend time, as required, with you (and your organization) to fully understand your business plans and strategies and discuss exactly how your new website will support your business objectives and contribute to the overall success of your business/organization.  

We believe that websites should exist and be evaluated only in the context of the organizations "real life".  Most organizations exist to serve and support -- their owners, and their current or prospective customers and clients.  Businesses and websites exist with purpose.

Given this reality, we will seek to understand your business purpose along with your preferred approach to marketing and customer communications.  We will want to review and incorporate or enhance any existing marketing or promotional materials that may exist.   In particular, we will be interested in learning about your business and customer service philosophy, along with your efforts to establish a preferred business "reputation", "identity", "image" and "brand".

Armed with this information, we can ensure that the website we build for you is attractive, functional and effective in the context of your business.


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