Some of our recent projects...

One of our recent projects has been the design and development of a new website for a new pet sitting business in Baldwinsville, NY. We've built a simple, attractive, and inexpensive site for "B-Ville Buddies Pet Sitting"


So who is "we"?

The owner of EZ-Insites, and its primary web developer, is Jared Harrison.  Jared lives and works in Elmira, New York in the beautiful Fingerlakes Region of New York State.

Jared began building websites about 9 years ago, after spending over 26 years as a business and management consultant.  Jared uses his unique background and his specialized consulting skills to bring tremendous insight and value to his web development clients and customers.

Today, Jared uses a wide range of web development tools and technologies to build attractive and functional websites for his clients.  Jared supplements his own skills with graphic design and site development and programming expertise through a network of other specialists from within the local community and around the world.

Give Jared a call, for additional information. 607 731-1565..

Welcome to EZ-Insites

Good questions lead to better decisions...

Most projects present both challenges and opportunities. This is especially true of website development projects.  There are a myriad of risks and uncertainties.  The investment can be great in terms of both time and money.  How do you ensure that the results are worth the effort and expense?  What questions should you be asking?  How do you ensure that you make good decisions?

A few good questions...

Here are just a few of the questions you should be considering, as you make your decisions to develop or recreate a website for yourself, your business or your organization.

  • How do you locate and select someone to help you build a new website?  What criteria will you use?
  •  What do you need to know about the website design and development process to ensure that you make informed and effective decisions?
  • What will you be seeking in terms of website design, content and functionality?
  • What experience and qualifications should you be looking for in a website designer?  Creativity?  Technical skills?  Business savvy?   What is most important?
  • Where will you find someone who can effectively translate technical concepts and "web" jargon into language you can understand?
  • What will be required to effectively manage a website once it has been built, and ensure its lasting value?

We can help you address each of these questions and the critical issues they represent.  Why not explore our website a little and then give us a call for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

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