Some of our recent projects...

One of our recent projects has been the design and development of a new website for a new pet sitting business in Baldwinsville, NY. We've built a simple, attractive, and inexpensive site for "B-Ville Buddies Pet Sitting"


So who is "we"?

The owner of EZ-Insites, and its primary web developer, is Jared Harrison.  Jared lives and works in Elmira, New York in the beautiful Fingerlakes Region of New York State.

Jared began building websites about 9 years ago, after spending over 26 years as a business and management consultant.  Jared uses his unique background and his specialized consulting skills to bring tremendous insight and value to his web development clients and customers.

Today, Jared uses a wide range of web development tools and technologies to build attractive and functional websites for his clients.  Jared supplements his own skills with graphic design and site development and programming expertise through a network of other specialists from within the local community and around the world.

Give Jared a call, for additional information. 607 731-1565..

Here are a few samples of our work...

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B-Ville Buddies Pet Sitting

Design Notes:

A talented and hard working woman had just moved with her family to the Baldwinsville, NY area.  She wanted to work and really had a passion for starting a new business. She wanted a simple, quick and attractive website to help her get going and attract new local pet care clients. And a new business is launched...

Catholic Charities

Design Notes:

A great organization with a great mission. The website design had to be flexible and adaptable -- but also had be developed so Catholic Charities staff could easily update the primary content for the website without external assistance.  Mission accomplished.

Corning Country Club

Design Notes:

A well known area Country Club.  Needed a new website to support and inform existing members and attract new members to the Club.  Website development included custom on-site photography and "Flash" media production.  The website has been designed to allow the Club to directly update and maintain the site's content.

Global Treasury Services

Design Notes:

An independent business professional.  Requested a simple, attractive and inexpensive "Calling Card" website.   The resultant website's design is simple and informative and includes an online business inquiry form.  Priority was given to ensuring that website could be easily located by a typical "Google" search for "global treasury services".

Annies Pet Care

Design Notes:

A local small business.  Needed simple informational site to present services and a sense of owner's character and capabilities.  Had to require minimal investment in website design and easy ongoing maintenance.


Grace Episcopal Church Website

Design Notes:

Historic local church.  Needed to present updated image of the both the church and it's parish.  Site needed to serve and support both it's congregation and the community.  Strong desire to enable site visitors to learn about the church, its beliefs and traditions and encourage personal visits.  Site needed to serve the interests and needs of the local parish as well as those of a range of visitors, with differing interests, from around the world.

H. Strauss Website

Design Notes:

Small business owner with a unique specialty store serving select clientele in the local area.  Needed new website to present its image and its special offerings to both existing clientele and prospective customers.  Site had to build upon the historic nature of the business in the local community.  Need to convey a sense for the range of specialty merchandise carried in the store, as well as the value of customization and personalized service.


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